Maintenance Programs Designed for you

A Proper Maintenance Program Includes:


Sounds simple, but a properly cut lawn is very important. The grass needs to be tall enough to withstand temperatures and disturbances, but not too tall that it looks unkempt


Flower beds? Gardens? Trees? Ensuring that the edging around all of these areas in your lawn are cut helps to give your lawn the professionally kept look


Mulching your beds helps to prevent weed growth and also helps to dissipate water better into your plants and trees. A beautiful black or red mulch can accent the hardscaping too!


A properly pruned tree or bush means a healthier and longer life for that tree. Pruning happens at different times of the year based on the bush


We want to see that beautiful grass! If you aren't removing those leaves from your lawn it can cause problems for next year. Snow mold and other diseases aren't something you want to experience!