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Seeding & Lawn Renovation

We can renovate your lawn and provide you with a superb, lush green carpet of grass!


Better Drought Tolerance: Newer and improved seed varieties can be chosen to match the specific needs of your lawn. Picking the right seed for your lawn is a great way to reduce the need to water.

Thin or Bare Areas: Slit overseeding is a quick economical way to repair those thin or bare spots.

Improve Density & Color: In order to keep a lawn healthy new seed should be added to the mix. Each lawn has different needs but on average new seed should be added at least every three years.

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How Often?

New lawns require seeding based on how well they are establishing.

Older lawns benefit from top seeding every few years.


At Green World we use a “slit seeding” method to repair your lawn. Our slit seeding machine cuts through the thatch and into the loam to provide ideal growing conditions. We often topdress with compost prior to this process to improve the soil and add beneficial soil bacteria which promotes deeper rooting.


With an irrigation system present we can successfuly seed at anytime. In general early spring, late summer and fall are the best times focus on improving your lawn.

See for Yourself!

Take a peek at these pictures showing how we’ve transformed
clients’ dead, drab lawns into beautiful new landscapes.

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