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Rick and Jason

Our Lawn Care Program

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Program


We care about our environment. We understand and work with nature’s systems and always choose the solutions that will give the best results without harming our natural surroundings.

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Core Program Includes:

  • 5 Fertilization Applications
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Ph Balancing Lime

Additional Options:

  • Additional Soil Supplements
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Spot Seeding

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The core of our annual lawn care program consists of 7 treatments:

  1. Lawn Care Step One

    Lawn Care Step One is applied to promote faster greening and recovery from winter stresses. During this application weed control and crabgrass control are also applied, weather permitting. We pay special attention to any areas that need repair from winter damage and make recommendations if additional services are needed.

  2. Lawn Care Step Two

    Lawn Care Step Two is applied because your lawn needs a full dose of fertilizer at this time to maintain color. We treat any weeds in your lawn. We also inspect for any insect activity and recommend any additional services that could benefit your landscape.

  3. Grub Preventer Application

    Grub Preventer Application is applied at this time to save your turf from the vast turf destruction that is caused by grubs.

  4. Lawn Care Step Three

    Lawn Care Step Three is applied during the heat of the summer when many lawns struggle the most. With the appropriate dose of fertilizer we maintain the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

  5. Lawn Care Step Four

    Lawn Care Step Four helps bring the turf out of the summer months and begins strengthening the roots to prepare them for winter survival mode.

  6. Lime Application

    Lime application is applied at this time to adjust the PH of the lawn. This application will also help the affectivity of the fertilizers used.

  7. Lawn Care Step Five

    Lawn Care Step Five is the application that will encourage the grass to begin to store it’s nutrients in the roots and prepare for winter. It will also promote an early green up of the turf the following spring.

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